Instead of spending today working from my home office building websites, where it’s nice and cosy, I ventured into town for a early morning meeting. Braving the cold and running late, I had to call an Uber – which by the way I had an interesting conversation with the driver who might potentially be starting his own venture and will need a website at some point for it, along with a friend he might be able to recommend to us. Minutes before the meeting I find out it’s cancelled, which going back to what I said earlier I could have been all warm and cosy working from my desk if I had known earlier it was going to be cancelled.

Luckily I bought my work and laptop with me because I knew I had a few hours in the afternoon before another meeting at 4pm. So instead of working from home, I’m working in Pret A Manger today with a nice warm hazelnut latte and a sandwich to keep me going. I realised how much I’ve missed doing this and that sometimes I enjoy working away from home in a nice coffee shop which has a good atmosphere to it. Luckily there are plenty of other coffee shops in Leicester that I can visit and go to when I get bored of one 🙂

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